Art is His Life

Since the day he could hold a pencil, ZOOMBIE NATION knew he wanted to create. The Fresno, Calif.-native is an artistic soul, with art running through his veins, and an imagination as non-stop as his heartbeat.

Zoombie takes great pride in every creative endeavor - from the primary
sketch to the final product, employing great precision and quality
craftsmanship each step of the way.

Comics, graffiti, cartoon animation, Chicano art and tattooing have all
been a part of his artistic journey. Zoombie takes a jack-of-all-trades
approach to art, mastering different styles and mediums, and meshing
them together into one unique style. Ultimately, he wants to leave his
mark on the world - whether on watercolor paper or oiled canvas,
brick walls or human skin. Or all of the above.

"Only five percent of artists in the world get paid to create what
they want," Zoombie was once told. His response: "Well, what percent do
you think I want to be part of?"

Zoombie Nation currently lives in Fresno, Calif., where he tattoos from his pivate tattoo studio in the Mural District in north downtown Fresno.